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What is speech therapy via telehealth?

This is the delivery of speech therapy into the home  or school environment without the need for an "in person",  visit. Most people became familiarised with what telehealth is and can do during the Covid-19 pandemic, when it became a common way of delivering services. However it has been used to deliver speech therapy for the past 10 + years. Speech Therapists can effectively administer screeners,  assessments and deliver comprehensive therapy via telehealth. 


Benefits of Telehealth 

  • Can save travel time for people who have busy schedules.

  • Therapy can happen in the home and school environment, lending itself to the faster generalisation of therapy targets. 

  • Allows people living in rural and remote areas to access timely and effective services.

  • Allows consumers greater choice of service providers.

What is needed for Telehealth? 

  • A fast internet connection.

  • A laptop or tablet device (a phone will not suffice).

  • An adult must be present and engaged in each session, beside the child to aid delivery of the session and follow up with practice.

  • Fun interactive games (which your speech therapist will provide).

More information and research on the effectiveness of telehealth can be found on the information/ resources section of this website.

Please contact us if you would like further information on telehealth and how it might be the right option for you. 


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