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School Readiness Groups

Starting school is an exciting time. It is also a time of  huge transition for your child. Our evidened based  school readiness groups are designed and delivered by experienced therapists. Giving your child the foundational skills needed for success. 

Our school readiness groups will support the development of :

  • Attention and listening (whole body listening)

  • Confidence and self esteem

  • Pre literacy skills ( to help your child read and spell)

  • Fine motor skills 

  • Language skills (listening to and understanding instructions)

  • Self regulation skills

  • Social skills development

For furthermore infromation on our School Readiness groups, please feel free to contact us.

Social Groups 

Our small social  groups celebrate neurodiversity and individuality. Designed and delivered by experienced   therapists, these groups are aimed at children aged 3- 12 years of age with social, emotional and communication differences.  Groups sizes are small and made up of children of similar ages and needs profiles. Children will learn skills to help them to:

  • Identify and communicate  their emotions

  • Form and maintain friendships

  • Build confidence and self esteem

  • Cope with change, stress and anxiety

  • Self regulation 

For furthermore infromation on our Social Skills Groups, please feel free to contact us.

Parent/ carer  Workshops and Training 

The content of thse workshops are designed to provide parents/ carers with a greater understanding of their childs social, emotional, communication, motor and play development. Children and their parents/ carers attend group sessions together. Each session is divided into seperate therory and practical sections. This allows participants to apply the knowledge and strategies they are learning in  real time, guided by experienced therapists. Groups provide an oppertunity to:

  • Learn about the ages and stages of a childs development

  • Learn and implement stratgies and resources to support your childs development

  • Provides parents/ carers with an opportunity to share their  experiences and learning with other parents

  • It gives children an opportunity to interact with others during play. 

For further infromation on our Parent/ Carer Workshops  , please feel free to contact us.

Teacher Training Workshops

We offer a range of professional development courses for early educators and teachers  covering a variety of topics related to child development. Our teacher training sessions include:

  • Typical speech and language development

  • Identifying and supporting children with additional needs in the classroom 

  • Regulation strategies and supports for the classroom

  • Promoting child development through play

  • Support with referrals in your area

For furthermore infromation on our Teacher Training Workshops,  please feel free to contact us.

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