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What is literacy?

Literacy involves students listening to, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating oral, print, visual and digital texts (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, 2022). 

Why is literacy important ?

Reading and writing are sills are  needed constantly in everyday life.  Students need  to be able to read and write to successfully access the curriculum and keep up with class content. Difficulty with reading and writing can place a child at risk of falling beind in academic settings. Literacy difficultes can have negative impacts beyond the classroom with research indicating that  literacy difficulties  can have  negative social, emotional and financial impacts across the lifespan (National Literacy Trust, 2018).

How a speech pathologist can help with literacy difficulties

At Total Communication, we used evidenced based, curriculum alligned literacy programs to help children of all ages who have literacy difficulties.  These programs include a thorough assessment to determine the exact nature of a childs difficulties so that therapy is targetted. We work with teachers to ensure that therapy is alligned with class content and as effective as possible. 

You can find more free resources and strategies to support literacy development on the resources/ information section of this website.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your childs literacy development in more detail. 

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